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1. General House and Building Inspection
2. Balcony Inspection
3. Envelope Inspection
4. General House and Building Maintenance



1. General House and Building Inspection
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2. Balcony Inspection


1. We would visit the site, conduct visual observations of the balconies, balcony slope
measurements, general review of the condition of the balcony membrane, general review of the
balcony structure, review of the balcony details, door installation, balcony saddle, guardrails,
balcony drainage and other important details /components.

2. We would try to access and review all balconies of the complex. Our review may be conducted
by tall ladders. However, owners’/managers co-operation may be required for access to difficult to
reach balconies. We may require access from units at some difficult to reach balconies.

3. During our review, we would conduct exploratory opening at some locations of interest
around the complex. In addition, we may perform moisture testing to asses the waterproofing
sufficiency of the balconies.

4. During our review, we would take color photographs and annotate them, to support our
conclusions and recommendations. We would record important information about the balconies
reviewed in a spreadsheet format, for the owners review and future use.


1. After the field observations phase is completed, we would compile all information
gathered by us into a written report for the owners. The report would contain various sections
such as Observations, Conclusions and General Recommendations. Please note that our recommendations
would describe (in general terms) the few options available to the owners.

2. Attached to the report and forming an integral part of it would be appendixes containing,
photos and photo annotations, cost estimates and other information we consider relevant to the
owners/Property Management Co.


1. Our fee for conducting the services mentioned above in Items #1 (Investigation) and #2
(Written Report) would be $38 / balcony plus Disbursements and GST.
2. Disbursements consist primarily of mileage, photo, photocopy and courier charges.



3. Envelope Inspection
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4. General House and Building and Building Maintenance
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